Donations to the Permaculture Nonprofit organization Bosque Humano

You can help our organization realize our vision by making a donation.  Your contribution will be turned directly into ecosystem restauration and human forest creation. 

Benefits of you donation

-Carbon Capture is a side product of ecosystem recuperation. As a tree gets taller the more potential it has to chain up carbon and emit oxygen and water. Permaculture design criteria addresses the use of space and of time to maximize among other things the energy stored as organic (Carbon) material
-Tree planting and landscape recuperation. Many local landscapes have been desertified by many a number of entropic practices. Bosque humano prioritizes tree planting and the many various support systems that favor a culture of constant forest renewal.
–Landscape Re-hydration. As a strategy and goal in and of itself, Bosque Humano promotes the use of the numerous techniques of landscape management that capture and maintain water at a biologically useful level on the land and that contribute to the recuperation of the watershed.

You can choose how your contribution is used:

1. To buy materials and labor

Any monetary contribution you make will help us buy materials and pay the work necesary for the implimentation of worthwhile projects in and around Malaga.
Your donation may be used to purchase plants or nursery materials, finance specific events, help in the acquisition of new tools or cover the cost of specific profession consultation or labour. We will send keep you well informed about how and why we used our donation.


For a minimum donation of 100€ you may symbolically sponsor the planting and maintenance of a tree guild. We will send you photos of the specific guild you sponsor and keep you updated about the plants we incorporate as well as information about the plants and why we choose them.

In permaculture, a guild is a combination of plants and animals, usually centered on one main species (such as carob or chickens) that work together synergetically to store energy and generate structure, forests are complexes of such compositions. Named by Bill Mollison it is one of our basic units of design in the work of permaculture landscape regeneration.


Please get directly in touch with us if you would like to donate land, tools, books or any other resources to our organization.