Philosophy and Solutions

We as humans can live in self-organizing food habitats.

By studying human ecology and applying permaculture design to the spaces we occupy we are rediscovering solutions to food production and distribution problems as well as excess carbon liberation and biodiversity loss.

As the global energy crisis advances our culture could reduce its energy needs by learning to rely on live systems -with their innate ability to capture and store energy.

These are the solutions we are promoting:

-The evolution of self organizing human food habitats composed of

Human simbionts

-So coordinated with art to engender trophic viability for our social organizations.

Human food guild plant and animal species should be

-Planted in prepared landscape structures, the tesalation of which would give structure to

Bio-regional/watershed focused territorial administration.

The Problems

Modern food production needs fosil energy in order to produce units of food.

Modern food is not really food. It is essentially a commodity grown and transformed to create a unit of value.

Modern food is cultivated far from where it is consumed which; 1. requires aditional energy to transport and store it, 2. reduces it´s quality and freshness, 3. seperates humans from essential phenological cycles and local nutrients

Self organizing food habitats

Araucaria bidwillii tree in edible park, Coín township - Málaga

With very little behavioral change on our part and a lot of good, professional design, our food can be coaxed to grow, all by itself, out of basic pre-prepared landscape structures (which catch and store water and energy). The application of our natural propensity for order and harmony creates a whole new living art form with literally endless variations.

Like a turtle in a pond a human being has a set of optimal environmental conditions.

What does the turtle eat?
Well he eats what’s in the pond. So it is with humans, the food we eat could grow in the spaces we ocupy.

Bosque Humano promotes the study and creation of such ambiental conditions.

Human Simbiosis


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