Support permaculture development in Málaga

By colaborating with Bosque Humano,
you can actively take part in solutions to
important questions like climate change, food production and carbon mitigation – in a meaningful way to you.

You can take action by becoming a member, volunteering your time or skills, by donating money or other resources – or by participating directly in any of our sister projects.

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Bosque Humano

Permaculture Association in Málaga

Everything we do in bosque humano comes as a gift from our hearts to the patcha mama and her children.
-As a predominantly land based project we can offer opportunities to:
-participate in reforestation events
-support significant educative initiatives
-learn by doing -about human specific guild species
Contact us to find out about the limited spaces to live and work on the farm.
You can also register your special interests with. When we organize that type of activity we will get in touch directly with you.

Volunteer Oportunities

Contribute to Permaculture Development

Please get directly in touch with us if you would like to donate land, tools, books or any other resources to our organization.
If you would like to donate money.


These projects work in and around bosque humano – both on the farm and socially.  Each project adds something special and is nurished by a different aspect of the collective .

Cocina y mesa de estar Ecocasita cabaña vacacional en Bosque Humano

Quédate en este alojamiento único y disfruta de unas vacaciones sostenibles. La casita se encuentra en un Bosque Comestible mediterraneo. Su construcción, gestión de residuos y de energías son respetuosas con el Medio Ambiente. Las aguas grises son depuradas y reutilizadas, el toilet es seco y composta ecológicamente: tus vacaciones aquí capturan carbono. Estamos a 30km de Marbella y 30 km de Málaga


Cabaña vacacional

Entidad empresarial vinculada a Bosque Humano, para la canalización del producto que generamos. Huertas y Bosque comestible con diseño en PermaCultura y agroecología.



Permaculture Design Studio

Long lasting landscape recuperation requires design and administration.  This company is dedicated to  project development that is founded on scientific data, professionally articulated and applied as well as intervention on a bureaucratic level and the actual project creation and implementation.

Permaculture Design Studio


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